Great team shelter

I can fully recommend this team shelter: It’s expensive (around $350 to $500 incl. shipping, depending on degree of customization and volume discounts) but provides very good protection against sun, rain, and wind.

It’s sturdy and looks sharp too, especially with a club and/or team logo. The sides and backs roll up and down and set-up is relatively straightforward. It can be weighted down on turf and there are stakes for grass surfaces. One person can carry it, but it’s definitely heavier than the typical lightweight canopies.

Please note that I do not know the folks that make this shelter nor do I gain financially in any way from recommending it. I’m simply sharing something that I’ve seen work well and benefits the players. This is probably worth the investment for busier teams that play two games per weekend and compete in multiple tournaments per season.

Author: James

Lifelong player and student of the beautiful game in Germany, England, and USA. Volunteer futsal coach and USSF referee.

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