THIS is world-class young talent. Pirlo surely would agree. How do we get to this in our country?

Author: James

Lifelong player and student of the beautiful game in Germany, England, and USA. Volunteer futsal coach and USSF referee.

One thought on “THIS is world-class young talent. Pirlo surely would agree. How do we get to this in our country?”

  1. Love that video….
    Here’s the key things that stick out for me on this video”
    1. He’s not doing anything “technically complicated”. Watch all his moves – they are simple foot-to-foot passes, fast changes of direction, some quick turns, etc.
    2. Its all about speed, quickness and timing – as well as obviously seeing the field and the players around him.

    This is a great video, i think, to show kids. Especially the ones that don’t have all those “cool” moves like the “top” kids do. Good soccer is just not about all those cool moves – its about doing a few things with the ball very well, moving quickly, running fast and seeing the field. And of course understanding the tactics and flow of the game.

    And guess what – i don’t know a single club in the bay area that focuses on teaching those things to our kids! 🙂 There is way too much focus on advanced skills on the ball that even the pros don’t use – and that the kids shouldn’t be taught until they can do the basics of dribbling a ball down the field, at speed, with frequent directional changes. And your previous post on what kids know (or don’t know) when they get to MLS backs that up….


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