We won’t compete internationally until we develop players like Coutinho. Period.


Futsal season opens in six weeks! It’s super fun and awesome for player development.

Blind players in Brazil using sound to play the game they love

Breathtaking: Happy Birthday, Messi!

Nice goal @Futsal Euros

Futsal Euro Championship now underway until Feb 13. Watch live at www.uefa.tv.

Your son or daughter is playing futsal this winter, right? It’s super fun!

Observations on the behavior of FC Barcelona youth players and coaches

We just returned from training with FC Barcelona and a futsal tournament in Spain. We played against a couple of FCB teams, saw many more walk around and prepare for games, talked to some of their coaches, and had the privilege to be in a FCB facility. I was impressed with the professionalism and politeness of the players and coaches. They were well behaved, organized, focused, and showed a lot of sportsmanship. Coaches calmly gave brief instructions and the youngsters responded immediately. No delays or horsing around. They walked around in teams with their coaches and used downtime between games to watch other games. And they really watched, even the ten and eleven year olds. None of the youngsters tried to stand out through special hairdos or fancy equipment or behavior meant to draw attention.  To be clear, the kids did not look bored or robotic. They were smiling and enjoyed their time together. They were creative on the court.

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Superstars that became great with the help of futsal. Your kid is playing futsal this winter, right?

Unbelievably skillful and creative youngster – enjoy!

The Pele of futsal – Falcao. Enjoy!

Futsal season kicks off in a few weeks. You MUST join! It’s super fun and great for skills!

Unbelievable 8 year olds. We need to encourage skills and dribbling more and for longer here in the U.S.!

Data on the benefits of small-sided games

According to a study conducted by Manchester United, playing 4v4 instead of 8v8 yielded: 135% more passes 260% more scoring attempts 500% more goals scored 225% more 1v1 encounters 280% more dribbling skills European youth soccer has been doing smaller-sided games up to U12/U14 for a long time. U.S. Soccer is now finally implementing the same (click here to see my earlier post on this topic). Click here to download the ManU study. [Thank you Peter for bringing this data to my attention.]