Brain injury from heading the ball – growing evidence from England

Player development – a legend’s views.

First in-game use of video replay in soccer last Saturday – and it worked well!

U.S. Soccer’s Gender Wage Gap

Stop whatever you are doing and watch this Icelandic commentator react to their historic win today. Got passion?

The story continues: tiny Iceland, with roughly one-third the population of San Jose (!), qualified today in dramatic fashion for the knockout stage of the European Championship.

NOBODY expected this. Sit back and enjoy. This is futbol!

We’re not developing risk-averse robots, right?

Mastery comes from trying. Let the kids try and fail, coaches and parents! Encourage it, celebrate it.

Real time decision making for referees

A careful person, a wise person, when faced with an unexpected situation says, “Hold on, I’ll think about this for a minute. I’ll mull it over and then I’ll decide”. When a lawyer finds himself being asked a tricky question by a client he the possibility, or rather the duty, of saying, “I’ll see you in a week, let me consider this”. A doctor can ask for further analysis before deciding on the best treatment. And even the figure the referees most often compared to, the judge, before pronouncing his verdict, retires to his chambers to ponder, to evaluate, before making his decision. We’re not allowed any of this. What we are asked to do, even in the most unexpected, unforeseen of situations is to make a decision in what’s called ‘real time’, in a fraction of a second. This is not a simple matter. I wish this enormous difference were understood by those who sit in an armchair… Pierluigi

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Behavior of visiting North American parents during youth game in Barcelona

I came across an interesting blog post about behavior of visiting North American parents during a couple of youth games in Barcelona. Most of us probably recognize this kind of behavior from our games? Do the ‘instructions’ sound familiar? I’m pasting it here with some edits for clarity and brevity: About three weeks ago we had some visiting teams from North America in the Barcelona area. Two of my sons (2003, 2004) had the opportunity to play a game each against their North American opponents. English is also not very common in these parts so when we had these visiting teams from North America it was a good excuse to practice my English just in case I am forgetting it. I quickly got in some conversations with visiting parents. Many had questions as to how we like it here, how is the soccer, how is the coaching, schools and many other questions about Catalonia and Spain and general. The conversation

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