First in-game use of video replay in soccer last Saturday – and it worked well!

Mini-documentary on refereeing in the MLS

Another handling offense? What do you think?

I hope you had a chance to read the first of two posts showing ‘handball’ examples from actual game footage from this last weekend. Here’s footage of a second handball controversy during that same game that I officiated. This incident took place during the second half, after the first controversial handball incident. Take a look at the clip first and then read on below. Handling infraction in your view? Yes or No? According to the Laws of the Game this was a handling infraction because the player’s left hand and arm was in an unnatural position during contact with the ball. In my opinion, the player made herself larger the moment she jumped for the ball. She turns her face away from the ball but you can see in slow motion that she sticks her left arm out and moves it toward the ball as she jumps. She made this decision just before she jumped while she was closing in

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Handling offense? Yes or no?

The below 30-second clip shows a potential handling offense in the penalty box during one of my recent U17G games. Watch this first before reading on – would you have let this go or whistled for a handling infraction? Obvious handball, right? Well, NOT according to the Laws of the Game so I did not give a penalty kick for the white team. It is probably fair the say that pretty much everyone associated with the white team disagreed with me and that everyone associated with the blue team was pleasantly surprised. The easiest decision would have been to blow the whistle for a penalty kick – it almost certainly would have been accepted by pretty much everyone present. But it would also have been the wrong decision. Here’s why this wasn’t an infraction (confirmed through slow-motion review of this clip): The ball was kicked hard and from very close range – probably a yard or so. The defender had no time

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