Why modern goalkeepers need to be good with their feet

The making of a futbol genius – and I predict the best it yet to come

Mini-documentary on Iceland’s shocking Euro 2016 run

One-third the city of San Jose just knocked England out of the European Championship. The miracle continues. Speechless.

Breathtaking: Happy Birthday, Messi!

RIP Johan Cruyff. Legend, Visionary, Superstar. And a good human being.

THIS is world-class young talent. Pirlo surely would agree. How do we get to this in our country?

Learn more about the world’s best soccer coach: Pep Guardiola – Another Way of Winning

Your son or daughter is playing futsal this winter, right? It’s super fun!

Failing for the Future

This post goes to the core of coaching quality and player development, and the problems that come from focusing on ‘winning’ instead of ‘competing’. I have posted about this topic many times before including here, here, and here. Failing for the Future is a term coined by Todd Beane, former professional player, coach, teacher, father, and blogger. He is the son-in-law of Johan Cruyff, one of the legends of the game. Here is his post in its entirety: My son failed this weekend and I was so proud of him for doing so. Unfortunately, while I was in awe of his courage his coach was screaming at him. Let me explain how the very same event can be a point of pride for his father and a point of disgust for his trainer. My boy sprinted down the right flank toward the goal as Jan, the left winger, centered a low driven ball toward the top of the box. Jordan beat

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Mastery comes from trying. Let the kids try and fail, coaches and parents! Encourage it, celebrate it.

Another unbelievable youngster. Amazing artistry – the essence of soccer. There is no better foundation than skills.