Our experiences at Surf Cup 2015

We just returned from the elite Surf Cup Tournament in Oceanside, CA (http://www.surfcup.com/). This is arguably the top tournament for youth soccer in the country. Or at least in the Western half of the country. Both of my daughters played (U10 and U13) – the younger one didn’t win a game, the older one went to the Final but lost on penalty kicks against a team from Seattle. Irrespective of win or loss, this tournament was a very good experience for my older daughter from both a soccer development and team bonding/social perspective. The tournament was well organized. It’s a nice venue, the referees were good, games started on time, the hotels are good, the area has many restaurants and attractions including nice beaches, Legoland, and shopping. So I can fully recommend the event. However, I wonder if the younger kids really have to travel to tournaments like this. There is a lot of competition and quite a few tournaments in our

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The dangers of sun exposure

I am pasting below an article I came across recently from a U.S. Soccer Referee. I can’t find the actual website anymore despite googling for it so I can’t add a link here. But I pasted it into an email and sent it to my wife so I’m pasting the actual (shortened) text below: My Time in the Sun – Mike Krebs, U.S. Soccer Referee George W. Bush. John McCain. Maureen Reagan. I’ll never make the headlines like these people, but I suffer from skin cancer just as they have. Skin cancer is caused by too much exposure to the sun over a long period of time. The problem usually does not appear until later in life, twenty or thirty years after exposure. I spent my teenage years outdoors – camping, hiking, swimming at a pool or the beach, playing baseball (soccer was not an option then) and working as a lifeguard and summer camp counselor. I loved the sun but

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